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Illustration about the modern ghost town of Centralia.  The town has been condemned and evacuated due to an underground coal mine fire.  The ground is prone to sudden collapse and the air is full of ash and lethal gases.  Despite these dangers, there are still 10 residents left in Centralia.

Estimates indicate that there is enough coal to allow this fire to burn for 250 years.



Centralia, Pensylvania (the real Silent Hill)

Those are pictures of the unassuming town of Centralia, Columbia County,Pennsylvania, US, which at one point was a nice enough place to live, with a population of over 1,000 residents.

Then the strip mine beneath Centralia caught fire, and the residents were evacuated. The fire is still burning…50 years later! The massive, smoldering hellblaze has opened up sinkholes, steam pits and carbon monoxide vents all over the town.

Centralia is considered the Silent Hill from reality, is burning from the inside out, as if it were sitting directly over the gates of hell. The similarities aren’t coincidental. While the Silent Hill movie was in production, the filmmakers actually visited Centralia for inspiration.

I just want to go soooo bad!


Instagramming the Smoldering Ghost Town of Centralia, Pennsylvania

In May of 1962, a fire—the origins of which remain in dispute—ignited a strain of anthracite coal beneath a landfill on the outskirts of Centralia, Pennsylvania.

It would be nearly 20 years before the severity of the still-smoldering fire would become clear to the town’s inhabitants. All but a few residents voluntarily relocated to nearby towns in 1984, and despite the state’s reclaiming the land in 1992, approximately 10 people still call Centralia home.

The town’s abandoned buildings and fire-scarred landscape attract a few intrepid Instagrammers each month. Explore Centralia through their photos and videos by searching the #Centralia hashtag and visiting the Centralia, PA and Graffiti Highway location pages.


My dad and uncle went to Centrailia this weekend and I’m insanely jealous.

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